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Recur360: ACH Payments via Intuit Payements

Processing ACH payments works very similiar to processing an actual check. When you or your customer enter their banking information into Recur360, it validates that the Routing information is correct & the Account exists. 

When an ACH Payment is processed against that account, the Processer will return back to Recur360 that it is Approved as long as the account is valid. Recur360 will then post this payment over to QuickBooks against the Invoice just like when a check is initially Received as a Payment into your account. If you are using Intuit Merchant Services you can see the status of the ACH transaction in your Intuit Payments Merchant Center.


It is possible that on the Day the ACH is Processed by Recur360 that it is Approved by Intuit at the time of Processing, however when Intuit goes to Fund the ACH from the customer's bank account that the actual bank Declines or Disputes the ACH (not enough money in the account, or customer disputes the ACH because it isn't recognized). 

Recur360 does not know the funding status of the ACH transaction because Intuit Payments doesn't write that back through their API into our system. Intuit Payments should notify you via email that the transaction does not get funded or you can look at your Intuit Payments Merchant Center to see the status of all payments. If that happens you will need to Void the payment in QuickBooks This will show the invoice has a balance due. To update the status of the invoice in Recur360 go to the Sync Status menu & choose Sync With QuickBooks


QBO users can just press the Sync Data button on the main screen.

This will update the balance of the invoice in Recur360 so it will show in the Collection Center. Then you can select to email the Open Invoice to the customer again for payment.