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Recur360: Connecting to Credit Card / ACH - Payment Processing and Pay Online Link

After signing up for Recur360, in order to process payments or send emails with a pay online link you must conenct your Recur360 account to your payment processor, or signup through us.

Recur360 connects to the following payment processors:

  • Intuit Payments (Intuit Merchant Services)
  • Elavon
  • Stripe
  • USAePay
  • Recur360 Payments

To connect Recur360 to an existing merchant processing account, in the left panel of Recur360 click on the Settings module and Payments


Under Link Payment Processors click the drop down and choose your existing merchant payment processor to connect to and follow their instructions:


After connecting to your payment processor make sure to go to the Settings>Email module to enable the pay online links

Invoice Link Settings: Enabling Pay Online Links:

In the left panel click on Settings>Email:


Go to Invoice Link Settings:

Check the boxes to:

  • Show Invoice LInk on Emails
  • Have the checkbox in the pay online link automatically checked to store payment details
  • Allow Customers to View All Past Invoices in their Invoice Link

You can also limit the invoices your customers can see based on a date. Adding a date will only allow customers to see invoices created on or after that date.

The link Text field allows you to customize the text of the pay online link used in emails.

Click on the drop downs next to Card Payment Processor and ACH Payment Processor to assign your merchant processor to those links. If you use different merchant processors for Credit Card and ACH, choose each accordingly.


Now when Recur360 sends out emails with Pay Online links your customer will be able to pay all invoices with open balances through your connected merchant payment processor

Connecting to Intuit Merchant Services / Intuit Payments