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Recur360: Connecting to Intuit Merchant Services for Payment Processing

If using Intuit Payments / Intuit Merchant Services, select that in the drop down:

Click the button to "Connect to QuickBooks:

If you signed up for and are logged into Recur360 using your Intuit ID, you will automatically be taken to select your existing Intuit Payments account.

If you did not signup for Recur360 using your Intuit ID you sill be asked to sign in. In order to access and connect your Intuit Payments account to Recur360 you must sign into Intuit Payments with the Master Admin Intuit ID, this was the ID used when signing up for Intuit Payments or QuickBooks Online. You cannot conenect Intuit Payments to Recur360 as a secondary user under the Intuit account:

Follow any prompts for identity verification

Then select the correct Intuit Payments account that is already connected to your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

Click the Connect button

You will then be connected to Intuit Merchant Services for Payment processing

After connecting to your payment processor make sure to go to Settings>Email to configure the Invoice Payment Link Settings: