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Recur360: How to create a Recurring Invoice Template

How to Create a Recurring Invoice Template

Create a new Customer in QuickBooks or Recur360 and name it *Templates.

Set it to Run Monthly on the 1st of every month, backdate the start date to 2/1/2018 and set it to End After 1 occurrence.

Add your Items and click Submit to save.

In the left Panel click "Push Transactions" so that it creates it once and puts it in the Collections Center

Now go into the Collections Center and sort by Customer Name, you will then see this transaction at the top of the list

Click on the Recur360 transaction Id, then click the "Make Recurring" button at the top.

Now change the Customer Name from *Templates by backspacing/deleting out the name and select a new Customer, then set all of your other parameters and click Submit to save.

Go Back into the Collections Center and repeat again and again for all subsequent customers you want to apply this "Invoice Template" to.